The SteadyShot Bot.

Designed as a multi purpose 3-axis stabilized prosumer solution, SteadyShot Bot does all of the above. Seriously, it's the photo tool that you've been waiting for!

Below are various configurations of the core SteadyShot Bot demonstrating its multi-purpose flexibility. Built upon an intelligent bot base, it is capable of dead-silent 3-axis stabilization, motorized Timelapse and Tracking Shots as well as dynamic freestyle Steadicam and auto balancing monopod capabilities.

SteadyShot Bot is here to inspire your creativity, below will dazzle the geek in you as we share the versatile configurations options.


The Lapse Base.

When the SteadyShot Bot is fixed with its Lapse Bot base, the Bot is geared to perform stabilized timelapse, motion shots on a slider or cable or monopod.


The Steady Base.

When the SteadyShot Bot is fixed with its Steady Bot base, the Bot is geared to perform stabilized steadicam, motion timelapse in freestyle manual mode.


The Steady Bot Base

The Steady Shot Bot Remote Control


The Remote.

The SteadyShot Bot features a remote control unit that is used to compliment the bot functionality by configuring preset positions remotely as well as full remote camera control when in freestyle mode.


External Triggers.

The SteadyShot Bot features a pluggable trigger interface and initially offer a Motion Sensor trigger to cause a preset to begin. We plan to support additional sensors including Audio, luminance and Pressure pad sensor triggers.

Modes of operation.

Using the available components, the SteadyShot Bot provides the most versatile photography and film platform available. Below are some demonstrations of of a few of the main designed usage scenarios.

We're Excited to share it...

...and we can't' wait to see what you shoot with it!