We made Steady Shot Bot for you!

"Put it on a monopod and go for a hike, perfect video for your blog! So good, maybe you should make a documentary on nature! Enjoy the process."

"Use it as a steadicam, film your friends wedding! looks so good, word of mouth spreads fast, start a photography business on the side because your work is awesome!"

"You have a vlog and do interviews but it's just average, Use it for automatic tracking shots,  the camera slowly moves during the interview, dramatic and classy - they must have a film crew! , your subscribers go up, who needs a day job!"

"You need more "me" time, go hang out at the beach, setup Steady Shot Bot, let it run automatically for hours capturing that beautiful view. Share what you've captured, the introspection and perspective on something special."

There is No Other Tool that can do everything Steady Shot Bot does! Regardless of price but, we cant do it without you!

Steady Shot Bot is more than a tool, it's your opportunity to get creative.

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Thank you,
David Johnson