Steady and fluid Stabilization...

SteadyShot Bot captures beautiful, steady shots using its 3-axis stabilized controller and light compact design. It's comfortable to hold and supports several usage scenarios including Steadicam, Monopod, Hyperlapse with full Remote Control.

The Stabilization supports a few modes of operation for gimbal based control. 
The camera can follow the bot movement. As you carry the bot around the camera will track movements to smoothly in the bot's movement and always face it's designated front. The bot can also lock and track a position to keep the subject in frame while you navigate a complex path, for example while capturing a time/hyper lapse of a mountain face while hiking up a trail. For more dynamic needs, the bot can be remotely controlled by a director controlling the shot while another person carries the steadicam.

Below are a few examples of SteadyShot Bot in action. 

Photo: David Johnson