Capturing time...

With Steady Shot Bot you can easily apply creative camera movements to make your time/hyper lapses really pop. With configurable Pan, Tilt, Roll and slider movements anything is possible and it's so easy, you'll be inspired by the possibilities.

Hyper lapse sequences or manual movements over distance (hiking etc) using its 3-axis stabilized controller and built in intervalometer. perfectly steady hyper lapse sequences can be shot using a mono pod, its belt driven base on a slider or steady cam base carried along a path.

With multiple modes of operation the camera can follow your path of movement giving you real-time control of the field of view , lock and track a position to keep the subject in frame while you navigate a complex path or be remote controlled by a artist controlling the shot.

Resulting videos are mesmerizing and camera movements are consistently steady, absorbing platform movements (such as on a boat or vehicle) over long periods of time.

*note timelapse video below was shot with early beta unit. improved footage from newer model will be posted soon.

Photo: David Johnson