Smooth moving perspective...

A tracking shot can include smooth movements forward, backward, along the side of the subject, or on a curve..

SteadyShot Bot captures beautiful, steady, tracking shots using its 3-axis stabilized controller and built in belt drive system. Up to eight presets can be defined that identify Start and End positions in 4-axis along with specific trigger inputs to automate the capture.

Like the Steadicam, Tracking Shots can follow your path of movement while moving along a linear track as well as performing a planned camera movement in while compensating for rail movement. a prime example would be performing a moving timelapse on a boat or suspended cable that is swaying while the stabilization compensates for the boat/cable movement automatically.

Additionally, giving you real-time control of the field of view, the user can have complete control of the gimbal camera movement via a wireless remote control.

Below are a few examples of Tracking shot modes in action. 


Photo: David Johnson