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Capturing time...

With Steady Shot Bot you can easily apply creative camera movements to make your time/hyper lapses really pop. With configurable Pan, Tilt, Roll and slider movements anything is possible and it's so easy, you'll be inspired by the possibilities.

Hyper lapse sequences or manual movements over distance (hiking etc) using its 3-axis stabilized controller and built in intervalometer. perfectly steady hyper lapse sequences can be shot using a mono pod, its belt driven base on a slider or steady cam base carried along a path.

With multiple modes of operation the camera can follow your path of movement giving you real-time control of the field of view , lock and track a position to keep the subject in frame while you navigate a complex path or be remote controlled by a artist controlling the shot.

Resulting videos are mesmerizing and camera movements are consistently steady, absorbing platform movements (such as on a boat or vehicle) over long periods of time.

*note timelapse video below was shot with early beta unit. improved footage from newer model will be posted soon.

Photo: David Johnson

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Steady and fluid Stabilization...

SteadyShot Bot captures beautiful, steady shots using its 3-axis stabilized controller and light compact design. It's comfortable to hold and supports several usage scenarios including Steadicam, Monopod, Hyperlapse with full Remote Control.

The Stabilization supports a few modes of operation for gimbal based control. 
The camera can follow the bot movement. As you carry the bot around the camera will track movements to smoothly in the bot's movement and always face it's designated front. The bot can also lock and track a position to keep the subject in frame while you navigate a complex path, for example while capturing a time/hyper lapse of a mountain face while hiking up a trail. For more dynamic needs, the bot can be remotely controlled by a director controlling the shot while another person carries the steadicam.

Below are a few examples of SteadyShot Bot in action. 

Photo: David Johnson


Tracking Shots

Tracking Shots

Smooth moving perspective...

A tracking shot can include smooth movements forward, backward, along the side of the subject, or on a curve..

SteadyShot Bot captures beautiful, steady, tracking shots using its 3-axis stabilized controller and built in belt drive system. Up to eight presets can be defined that identify Start and End positions in 4-axis along with specific trigger inputs to automate the capture.

Like the Steadicam, Tracking Shots can follow your path of movement while moving along a linear track as well as performing a planned camera movement in while compensating for rail movement. a prime example would be performing a moving timelapse on a boat or suspended cable that is swaying while the stabilization compensates for the boat/cable movement automatically.

Additionally, giving you real-time control of the field of view, the user can have complete control of the gimbal camera movement via a wireless remote control.

Below are a few examples of Tracking shot modes in action. 


Photo: David Johnson

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All in One

All in One

The SteadyShot Bot.

Designed as a multi purpose 3-axis stabilized prosumer solution, SteadyShot Bot does all of the above. Seriously, it's the photo tool that you've been waiting for!

Below are various configurations of the core SteadyShot Bot demonstrating its multi-purpose flexibility. Built upon an intelligent bot base, it is capable of dead-silent 3-axis stabilization, motorized Timelapse and Tracking Shots as well as dynamic freestyle Steadicam and auto balancing monopod capabilities.

SteadyShot Bot is here to inspire your creativity, below will dazzle the geek in you as we share the versatile configurations options.


The Lapse Base.

When the SteadyShot Bot is fixed with its Lapse Bot base, the Bot is geared to perform stabilized timelapse, motion shots on a slider or cable or monopod.


The Steady Base.

When the SteadyShot Bot is fixed with its Steady Bot base, the Bot is geared to perform stabilized steadicam, motion timelapse in freestyle manual mode.


The Steady Bot Base

The Steady Shot Bot Remote Control


The Remote.

The SteadyShot Bot features a remote control unit that is used to compliment the bot functionality by configuring preset positions remotely as well as full remote camera control when in freestyle mode.


External Triggers.

The SteadyShot Bot features a pluggable trigger interface and initially offer a Motion Sensor trigger to cause a preset to begin. We plan to support additional sensors including Audio, luminance and Pressure pad sensor triggers.

Modes of operation.

Using the available components, the SteadyShot Bot provides the most versatile photography and film platform available. Below are some demonstrations of of a few of the main designed usage scenarios.

We're Excited to share it...

...and we can't' wait to see what you shoot with it!


Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies are in the works please review the modes of operation gallery for practical applications. I you are interested in participating in a case study please contact us and please be sure to check back as development continues.

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The SteadyShot Bot Specifications:

*As SteadyShot Bot is being finalized specifications are subject to change.

  • Dimensions:

    • Height: 12"

    • Width: 11"

    • Depth: 10"

  • Capacities:

    • Camera sled: 6 lbs*

    • Bot weight: 3 lbs*

  • I/O

    • 2-usb mini - Bot Controller/3-axis Controller (Firmware / Configuration)

    • 1-bluetooth - wireless controller (API)

    • Infrared - camera focus/shutter control

    • 1/8" stereo jack - focus/shutter trigger

    • 1/8" stereo jack - external trigger (motion, sound activation)

  • Interface

    • 3"x2" Color TFT Resistive Touch screen

    • 1-RGB status light

    • 1-Yellow/Red Focus/Shutter  light on camera tray


    • Dual 3-axis Accelerometer/Gyroscope - Stabilization

    • Single 3-axis Magnetometer - Compass/Direction


    • XL Belt 1/5 tooth spacing

    • Auto-Feed belt drive system

    • Slider Pulling Strength: 10 Lbs @ 60 deg.*
  • BATTERY Life:

    • Internal: 8 hours*

    • External Bat-Pack: +4 hours*

  • Motion

    • Gimbal Speed: 5 to 45 degrees /sec (configurable)

    • Bot Speed: 1 to 5"/sec (configurable)

    • active 3-axis stabilization

    • Waypoint-based planner

    • Real time and lapsed movement

    • logarithmic movement easing.

  • Material

    • Bot: ABS Plastic

    • Gimbal:

      • High Impact Poly Styrene, Carbon Fiber

  • intervalometer

    • Wired and IR trigger (focus/shutter)

    • Shutter Bulb-Ramping Linear/logarithmic

    • Auto Bulb-Ramp with Ambient light Sensing